Georg Hekt is an artist of Bulgarian roots (born in Stara Zagora) who moved to Berlin around the Millennium. For almost fifteen years he has been composing and producing his own music, but he has played in multiple live bands around the world too. His instrument skills include guitar, drums and piano. He is also a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Media Studies.

He has released many albums via his own netlabel Stigae Music and some tracks on compilations thru other netlabels like Dusted Wax Kingdom and Mizukage. Many of his songs have been featured on radio shows and podcasts around the whole globe. Since 2011 he began releasing a series of EPs entitled 'Circular Quadrant' through DSQT the first of which is available now on most digital retailers like iTunes, Amazon, soulseduction, mora.jp and more. The second is going to be released soon.

Not only did Georg Hekt start one of the first netlabels for experimental jazz and trip-hop music with his friends Dr. Osmo and Oppidan, but also he was the first electronic musician to perform live in his hometown Stara Zagora (together with Oppidan) already in the year 1998. In the years after the Millennium Hekt performed on many more occasions - live or as a DJ. His main collaborators for live performances are Oppidan and Q-Daelic, both also main collaborators in composing and producing.

Except plain music he has also been composing and designing sounds and music for theater plays and other events like fashion shows.


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